Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Who is Spokes(wo)man ?

A 40-never-you-mind-how-old-I-am, long-time non-cyclist who wanted to start commuting by bike in Sydney, officially one of the world's most hostile cities to bike riders.


Improved health - as mentioned, I'm the wrong side of 35, and it's time to start redressing the partying excesses of my twenties and thirties. Maybe also some of those of my forties. I don't have time to work, commute to and from the 'burbs and then go spend an hour in the gym, soo it made sense to combine two of these activities.

Lose weight - fit into those bedazzled, paint-spattered, distressed skinny hipster jeans - hopefully just in time for their inevitable fashion resurgence. C'mon guys, any day now !

Smugness - Whatever eco-warrior chant annoys you least, "One Less Car", or my personal favourite


For a different perspective (ie. male or more experienced riders or cyclocross fans or cycling trainers and nutritionists) there will be guest bloggers, as soon as they finish their promised blog posts. They're all busy professionals, but my blog gives them an opportunity to write something a little different than their own carefully curated social media presence; ie to swear as much as they like.

I send out an update maybe 4 times a year, so if you'd like the occasional reminder to come visit; sign up below !

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