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Fuck it, ride anyway

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I am Catherine Baba, and I rock

I am Catherine Baba, an Australian stylist currently living and working in Paris, I say "currently" but quite frankly, why would I come back to Australia ?

I'm awesome, because I am terrific at my chosen career, I look like this, and I ride my bike everywhere in Paris.

In dresses, in sarongs, in vintage furs, always with a fabulous hat or a turban, forever in stonking great heels that could kill a man.

I am the absolute epitome of a person who is stylish and glamorous and has fun getting dressed; and then goes and hops on a bike like it's no big deal.

Which is how it should be.

There are a million photos of Catherine on the internet, she must be one of our least famous but most photographed expats, and she rarely looks annoyed at being snapped. 

We all have people we look up to in some way, or want to emulate; in no particular order I want her hat and shoe collection, her adopted cycle-friendly city and huge lashings of the zero fucks she gives for the hi-viz, timorous cycling safety nannies of the world.

$425 fine for riding a bike in jeans and high-heels ? Bah.

Next time I go to Paris I'll be looking out for her, what a thrill that would be for a over-regulated cyclist abroad : )

Well, this looks like Hell on Earth : )

As an Aussie hemmed in by countless State and Federal laws designed to keep us safe, under much the same philosophy as this woman...

I find this "chaotic" scene of personal liberty simultaneously soothing and exciting.

Exciting because I WANT TO GO TO THERE ! I want to cycle freely in a society that trusts citizens to not make a huge fuss about bikes, and to just get on with their lives.

Soothing because it was like a ballet of personal space and interactions without confrontation. No-one brakes abruptly, no-one crashes, veers off, is shouted at - there's no plethora of painted signs and road markings.

Oh dear god, to be treated like an adult in one's own country... bliss.