Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

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Brace yourselves - adults treated as adults


No high viz, no over abundance of warning signs, nothing forbidden, no helmets.

And yet.

Everybody lived.


I love the young woman on the far right who breezes over holding up a hand to stop traffic; self appointed safety warden. I think I'd be her in a similar situation.

I love that pedestrians, joggers and other cyclist all zoom in to help, because they know damn well people would do it for them in a crash.

It's all so matter of fact, everyone's lifted safely out of the way, dusted off and set to rights.

This is what you get when you treat your citizens like responsible adults, not mentally deficient snowflakes.


Well, this looks like Hell on Earth : )

As an Aussie hemmed in by countless State and Federal laws designed to keep us safe, under much the same philosophy as this woman...

I find this "chaotic" scene of personal liberty simultaneously soothing and exciting.

Exciting because I WANT TO GO TO THERE ! I want to cycle freely in a society that trusts citizens to not make a huge fuss about bikes, and to just get on with their lives.

Soothing because it was like a ballet of personal space and interactions without confrontation. No-one brakes abruptly, no-one crashes, veers off, is shouted at - there's no plethora of painted signs and road markings.

Oh dear god, to be treated like an adult in one's own country... bliss.