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Upon reflection

Some cyclists have a love-hate relationship with their Local Bike Shop (LBS).

We had 3 near us at one stage; one closed down and the LBS nearest him immediately jacked prices up by 40-50%. 

Sigh. Ok, see ya later.

The third LBS I have written about extensively as a bastion of mansplaining, gender-based assumptions and general fuckwittery. I try to never go there.

I've been planning ahead more with my restocking of supplies, and have been patronising (as opposed to being patronised by) a few CBD bike shops instead. Sorry Locals, but you've brought this on yourselves.

Although I made the mistake of going into Specialized (that frickin' "z" annoys me hugely) and asking if they had rear-view mirrors.

"You're the third person this hour to come in and ask for one of those."

"So, you got any?"


"Ever think of stocking them ?"

"Weeelll...  " he left unsaid that rear view mirrors on bikes aren't cool. Fuck off, nor is neck pain from too many years at a desk. When I turn my head, my whole torso, and therefore my handlebars follow. A mirror is one of the slightly-dorky-if-I-did-but-give-a-fuck accessories that made me feel comfortable riding alongside trucks, buses and speeding traffic. And clearly I'm not alone in this.

So I rock my mirror. You don't stock it, Imma buy it online.