Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

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I am Catherine Baba, and I rock

I am Catherine Baba, an Australian stylist currently living and working in Paris, I say "currently" but quite frankly, why would I come back to Australia ?

I'm awesome, because I am terrific at my chosen career, I look like this, and I ride my bike everywhere in Paris.

In dresses, in sarongs, in vintage furs, always with a fabulous hat or a turban, forever in stonking great heels that could kill a man.

I am the absolute epitome of a person who is stylish and glamorous and has fun getting dressed; and then goes and hops on a bike like it's no big deal.

Which is how it should be.

There are a million photos of Catherine on the internet, she must be one of our least famous but most photographed expats, and she rarely looks annoyed at being snapped. 

We all have people we look up to in some way, or want to emulate; in no particular order I want her hat and shoe collection, her adopted cycle-friendly city and huge lashings of the zero fucks she gives for the hi-viz, timorous cycling safety nannies of the world.

$425 fine for riding a bike in jeans and high-heels ? Bah.

Next time I go to Paris I'll be looking out for her, what a thrill that would be for a over-regulated cyclist abroad : )

Why We Do What We Do

The other day we cycled to the Wahroonga Food Fair. We followed the "dress for your destination" * ethos so as not to scare any small children, I wore a groovy t-shirt, birkenstocks and a golf skort to cycle in; Sprocketman his new favourite birthday t-shirt. And pants, naturally.


With an organic beer and a spinach and cheese crepe, and his beloved Bluebell by his side (that's the bike, not me) Sprocketman patted his tummy contentedly and said "Y'know, i really feel like I'm in ..."  

... wait for it  


Really, Belgium ? That's quite specific. i would have understood Europe generally for its far more accepting stance of a life on two wheels;  maybe even France because we have in the past  talked about having a cycling holiday there, but Belgium ?  Must have been something about the beer. 

Having swapped my helmet for a big ole sunhat, I felt very event appropriate. Skort is french for 'style' y'know.


* Part of the "de-lycrafication of cycling" movement, encouraging regular people to hop on a bike in their regular clothes, and get to their destination without fuss or special gear. Making a bike a logical option when travelling. Popping up to the shop ? Meeting friends for lunch ? Wouldn't it be more fun to take the bike than the car ?