Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Bacon Will Rise Again

I feel like raising my arms in the air, victorious - I MADE IT !! I have made it past the longest night and I am still riding to work !

We passed the winter solstice this week, and even though it's only by increments of an extra second per day (at the moment) the thought that each successive day is longer and longer cheers both me, and Sprocketman immensley - and actually, every other cyclist I have mentioned this to. I guess none of us really loooove commuting in the dark.  Riding in the dark is fun, but i feel like commuting in the dark sometimes just one more little hassle to overcome. But again, it's all about the attitude and tackling things incrementally.

2017 is the longest and deepest into winter that I have kept riding, and it's so much easier if you just keep going, rather than stop and try to re-start. Keeping on with the spirit of Viking Biking means you get up and ride in most days, and maybe one day you'll think, hmm, might wear my arm warmers tomorrow, another week and you're pulling out the leg warmers, then in another fortnight you reach for warmer base layers, then long sleeved jerseys until finally come midwinter you've graduated to full length wind-proof knicks and a windproof jacket.  And I am as warm as toast cycling along - I can sense the wind buffeting me as I speed along, but it doesn't penetrate my clothes , so I feel no chill, even though it was 8 degrees when I left the house this morning.

It's good to know that come the apocolypse, bacon will still be with us, making life awesome. I'm riding through the winter morning, wearing my pollution mask which protects me from exhaust emissions, brake lining pollution and all the other stuff that cars are killing us with, and as a bonus acts as a terrific face-warmer; when I catch a strong whiff of cooking bacon as I cycle past the local take-away - amazeballs, i detect none of the pollution stink but bacon makes it past my gold-standard air-filters. 

This makes me ridiculously happy.

The ride continues with that evocative scent for a while, no unpleasant incidents with motorists, just a lovely ride in.  I reach the Harbour Bridge and start pushing my bike up the 86 steps, and boom, my knee flares with pain; riding doesn't aggravate it in the slightest but stairs wake up the dormant tendon pain.

I will not miss these stairs when our promised cycling ramp goes in, hopefully before my retirement from city-life.

It's a great time of year to be riding, i hope you're still doing it too.