Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Well, this is where things get awkward

A grief-stricken son, speaking to the media about the death of his father calls for tougher new laws and registration. 

Norman Mackenzie (who seemed like a lovely man) was the first cyclist-caused pedestrian death versus 490 pedestrian deaths caused by cars since 2006. No doubt some of those people were lovely too. Four cyclists were killed by Victorian drivers this month alone.

And yet bikes are the problem ? 

Irresponsible reporting, using someone's grief as a story and not bothering to moderate outlier-bashing comments.

Where's the media analysis of the respective crashes and the underlying causes ?

No, that would be actual "journalism".


Edit; 5 May 2017; Police having reviewed the cyclists' own camera footage have concluded the cyclist was not at fault, had not run a red light and was not riding recklessly nor speeding. And that doesn't make it any less sad for the victim and his family.

And it didn't stop the comments in the local paper continuing to be demands for rider registration, despite the fact the rider stayed at the scene of the accident to assist. What else would registration have offered in this case ?  Do people even read or think before they comment ? Bah.

Turns out the family's calls for registration were more to do with being able to access compensation for funeral expenses, apparently victims of bike accidents aren't compensated to the same level that victims of car accidents are.  But again, the first reporting of the family's demand didn't include this little nugget ...  and they say there's no media war on bikes.