Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Let's keep arguing about bike lanes

Have I been riding much since the new year ? 'ave I 'eck as like.

At first I thought I was just having a slow and lazy start to the year, riding a few days but then having a few days off the bike - but then as official temperature records for the state, for the country continued to be smashed, I realised I was avoiding riding because I was just too bloody hot out on the bike.

Core body temperature for humans is 37, at 42 degrees we start to feel heat exhaustion, and at 45 degrees we die of heatstroke. We all feel it differently, and some people (Sprocketman) are hardier in the heat than others (Moi), but for me a 90 minute ride home in an extreme UV index day over 35 degrees does not appeal. As for when we regularly started to hit 38 and then 40 degrees, fuggedaboudit.

Maybe if I felt I didn’t have to ride at demon speed to keep safe in traffic … you know, if on an extremely hot day I was able to ride at a gentle pace in a safely separated bike lane ? Wearing a sunhat not a helmet ? That'd be nice ...

We’ve had our hottest recorded nights since records began in this country, three towns are about to beat the record 50 consecutive days above 40 degrees, and well, we have this hell-on-earth forecast for the weekend, only the 5th time in recorded history this has happened.

Yeah, that's a heatwave bigger than our entire state. And during all this? NSW is forecasting rolling power outages as demand exceeds supply. Given that, it's bloody criminal that coal-fired power stations, not solar, are our main generators of electricity in NSW.

So what did our tone-deaf to the electorate politicians do yesterday in Parliament ?

But y'know what ? Let’s keep prioritising cars and their deathly exhaust. Coz there's no such thing as climate change eh ?

And let’s keep making it as difficult as possible for people trying to do the right thing to commute by bike.