Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

The irony - it is delicious

Here at Spokeswoman, not only is my country trying to kill me, but my own body periodically rebels, grows extra bits, develops new and rare viruses and just generally is a pain in my (and it's own) arse.

So I've spent two days working at home, so that I can hop on my bike several times a day and beetle on five minutes down the road to the local hospital  and back for various tests and whatnot. 

It's quite handy, and it means I still get a decent amount of proper work done;  instead of loafing around the hospital waiting rooms in between sessions I come back and actually do enough of the day job to keep the cat in the luxury to which she has become accustomed.

But it has been sooooo interesting.  Given I am riding five minutes each way back and forth to a hospital and past two primary schools and through a heavily residential area - it is staggering the level of arse-holery local motorists have risen, or sunk to.

Every. Single. Ride.  I have had several close passes at speed where I could reach out and punch the side of the car, be it the tiny car driven by an old lady, or the bloody SUV tank driven by an old man - Jesus Christ you people, does driving past two schools and a hospital mean nothing any more ? Are you just going to keep on driving like entitled numbnuts no matter your surrounds?

I've had my blood pressure read so many times in the past 48 hours but sadly never just after a close pass - whee ! I'd like to see those stats. I'd be in a free bed and eating jelly and ice-cream before I could spell "derailleur".

And as mad as I am with those drivers who I would like to pull bodily from their metal murder-boxes, and forcibly teach traffic law to -  I am angrier with myself, because I took my cameras off my old bike.

Yeah, as part of transitioning to the new bike, I have stripped down the old one for just local jaunts, forgetting that the most dangerous drivers might well be the ones who are used to having the roads to themselves during the middle of the day and therefore give zero-fucks about the rest of us.

So cameras are going back on the bike and it is on bitches. You have been warned. 

It's 1 metre minimum, and 1.5 metres if you're travelling over 60km. And if I can punch your car as it passes, you shouldn't have to wonder why I'm punching your car as it passes.