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Tejaswani Priyadarshani

Here's a story I missed from over a year ago about a 14-year-old girl, Tejaswani Priyadarshani from India who designed a new type of bicycle which runs on air.

Instead of pedal power, the bike is propelled by the air from a 10 kg cylinder of compressed air mounted on the bicycle carrier and can run up to a distance of 60 km.

Tejaswani’s innovation comes at a time when the world is trying to mitigate the oncoming global armageddon caused by climate change by eliminating fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas, petrol and diesel; and opening up to greater possibilities of using renewables like solar and wind energy. Some of the comments were a bit nit-picky about the cost of compressing the air, what does the compressor run on, etc etc.

LOOK, IT RUNS ON THE TEARS OF OUR DYING PLANET, OK ? JFC people, she's 14. She'll refine this and get it right, or some big corporation will. Regardless it's better than paying huge amounts of blood money to a repressive regime who ignore human rights and buy gold gulf stream jets with thrones in them, m'kay ?

Tejaswani came up with the idea when she visited a bicycle-repair shop and saw the mechanics using air guns to detangle knots in a bicycle tyre. I've never looked at an air compressor and thought "means of propulsion" myself; our airgun is used for dusting, cleaning upholstery (boy do humans shed a lot of skin in a week!) and its intended use, which is pumping up the approximately 9 million bikes tyres we have in use at any one time. You try pumping up a fat-bike tyre. I'll come back in an hour and see how you're going. AND YES OUR COMPRESSOR RUNS ON SOLAR POWER, SO SUCK IT.

Tejaswani's dad helped her with her experiments, after several different design processes, they bought an air tank with an inlet for filling water. A starting knob and a safety valve were also connected to release excess air. When the knob is turned on, the air from the cylinder is transferred to the air gun placed near the paddle that rotates the gear with the help of six different blades, which also sets the cycle in motion. I'd prefer you had to pedal a bit as well, because without it we've basically got an air-driven motor-bike, but you know what ? It's not aimed at me, so I should STFU.


The technique used in the cycle could also be applied to motorcycles and cars.

Imagine this bike being used by the elderly, the differently abled, farmers, whoever needs a bit of extra help and for whatever reason (like, they live in India and might not be able to afford a car, or even that they live in India which has deadly car pollution crisis).

Tejaswani has won several accolades for her brilliant invention. Good for her ! I'm going to go look her up and see how far this project has progressed in the last 12 months.

In contrast with this idiot;

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.49.27 pm.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.49.49 pm.png

For fuck's sake.