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Democracy dies in the dead of night

Those of you following the news this weekend already know the US Senate passed a $1.4 trillion Republican-led tax bill yesterday.

Billed as tax relief for the middle-class of 'Murica, it is no such thing. It grants massive tax cuts to corporate USA, while hurting lower & middle-classes.

These guys seem totally stoked at the removal of taxes for private jet owners.

These guys seem totally stoked at the removal of taxes for private jet owners.

And the pain's not over, because in order to pay for the corporate tax cuts promised and soon to be delivered, US Republican Senators plan future related funding cuts, such as stripping away funding away from Medicaid for instance. Yeah, not many Yanks on welfare are there ?

Watching footage of corporate lobbyists gleefully hand-writing amendments onto the document was just astounding; no pretence at the public interest; instead amendments were inserted to for instance grant large sums of money to individual institutions favoured by Republican donors; 

Pat Toomey (R-PA) apparently added an amendment to p289 of the #GOPTaxScam bill that would exempt Hillsdale College, and only that school, from a particular tax. The college is in Michigan and gets large donations from the DeVos and Koch families.

DeVos and Koch being the rabidly conservative and insanely wealthy donors to the Republican party, and who are given plum roles in government in return for donations of $200M (USD) and $890M (USD) respectively. You can buy your companies a lot of beneficial deregulation and tax cuts for gifts like that.

You people make me sick, and I sincerely hope you're the first against the wall when the 99% of America gets off it's collective fake news watching lardy-arse and pays attention to what's going on.

That is certainly unfair to the few people who are doing the work of the entire nation by standing up to a tax bill which mysteriously includes a proposal to allow drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

And OMG, where was the ALL POWERFUL BIKE LOBBY when this amendment was slipped in ?

Today, the Senate voted to eliminate the $20 per-month tax benefit available for those who bike to work while maintaining the $255 per-month vehicle and parking benefit.

“What is the Senate thinking? Why single out a modest incentive that encourages people to bike to work, increasing community health and reducing congestion, while maintaining a significantly larger and more expensive incentive for people to drive? We encourage the conference committee to include this popular and common sense bike tax benefit as the House did in its version of the bill.”
— Tim Blumenthal, President of PeopleForBikes.

In order for this Bill to be passed into law by The Worst President Ever, I beleive it now has to pass the House vote; and hopefully the outrage generated by some of the most public displays of self-serving and greedy politics will see this watered down or defeated. While the House is also Republican dominated and has the numbers, hopefully individual representatives of the people will at least consider their chances of re-election when they have to explain face-to-face with actual voters, why they supported this massive wealth grab by the richest citizens of their country.

Anyone who has a passing interest in history often wonders (before they start actually studying) how something as wide-spread and powerful as the Roman empire could fall in such a short time.

Wonder no more.