Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Remember, remember the umm, 17th of December ?

As you ride your bicycle-cycle along, minding your own business and being a good global citizen, your peace is often rudely shattered by some close-passing dick in a car or on a motorbike. Oft-time I've wish I had a handle-bar-mounted paintball gun to tag their precious metal boxes with some sign that indicated their sub-standard attempts at driving.

Look, driving's a bit of a skill, and let's face it, it's not for everyone,

But this Italian cyclist has taken it an interesting step further with an improvised rocket launcher;

Various media articles have described this as bizarre, but I dare say there's no cyclists amongst those journalists or editors.

What do cyclists think about it ? Pretty much we're all helping him with ideas on automatic ignition and working on his range-finding.

Just popping down to the workshop; BRB.