Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Fuck it, we're moving to Bologna

Now I've actually stayed in Bologna, and while it was all a great adventure and all that, no offence to the Bolognese, it just never really struck me as a place I was super keen to return to; until now.

Because last Friday a new shopping centre opened in Bologna. "Big whoop" I hear you all saying. "What of it?"

"Well, the shopping centre has it's own share bike scheme". I would say to you in reply.

"Meh". You'd shrug and start filing your nails.

But how's about it's own bike share scheme which you can ride in the centre using the bikes as a shopping trolley ?!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 7.45.28 pm.png

BOOM ! We are SO there...

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has opened a Bianchi concept store in Bologna. Its sited within FICO Eataly World, said to be the “biggest agricultural theme park in the world.” (FICO stands for “Italian Farming Culture”.)

Visitors to the €120m 100,000-sq-m shopping mall, which opened today, will be able to use Bianchi ‘Fico’ cargotrikes developed by the company last year. The trikes are equipped with front and rear wooden baskets and have a tillting front end. Visitors to the FICO indoor mall can use the bikes to get around the Ikea-style aisles. 500 of the trikes have been provided via the bike-share operator Bici in Citta.

The Bianchi store displays and sells the company’s bikes, apparel and accessories.

Sprocketman and I have done our grocery shopping by bike, and it has its charms, as well as its challenges. A weekly shop involves multiple panniers, backpacks and a bike basket, and while you're all "I'm saving the world, I am." about it, it is a bit fiddly. 

Also, I don't actually love leaving my bike in some of the public parking spaces made available for them, so riding around on a Bianchi shopping trike would be a hoot.


The next step is being allowed to ride your own bike to the shops and continue around with it as your trolley, just like those lucky bastards in their mobility scooters.


Well, that escalated quickly.

But at least it stops this sort of nonsense.