Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

No, but yeah

Friday was another glorious day, another lovely bike ride into the city. Bit over an hour today as every single ratbag traffic light turned red for me.

Of course, being a "bloody cyclist" I just rolled through all of them, Ha ha. No.

I encountered a new type of motorist today; new to me as a bike rider anyway; the ineffably polite driver. She/he waved through every car in front, regardless of who had right of way. That's why it took an extra 15 minutes to travel the same route to work

Charming, no ? No, it was not. 

As I huffed along in the whiplash inducing brake/accelerate lifecycle of the dude/tte in front, I realised that the proper definition of "ineffably" meant you felt guilty about saying the "F" word in front of your terribly terribly dangerously courteous driver. Bless, they meant well. But they were a massive pain in t'arse.

As a bike rider looking over the tops of the cars in front to read the traffic and just generally keeping a beady eye on conditions all around me, going from seeing that my flow of traffic has right of way to constantly and suddenly braking because the driver in front is ignoring the road rules is actually little dangerous, Stop/start, stop/start; I lost my momentum needed to get up the hills and keep anywhere near the speed limit, I was surrounded by other frustrated carists trying to get away from the Amish driver in front; frustrated drivers take chances and change lanes suddenly, and make sudden swoopy swerving manoeuvres. 

Forfeiting your right of way might be ok in your own little suburban street, but out on a major road it turns out it's kinda dangerous. And this lovely, well-intentioned driver was completely oblivious to the frustrated manoeuvres going on in their wake.

Amazing how much greater clarity you have from from a bike saddle.

I got the hell away from them as soon as I could.