Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Hey, small car drivers ? Guess what ?!

So you know when you're in a really cute little car ?  It's great isn't it, the way you can fit into tiny car parking spaces.


And when you're pulling out from a side road during morning peak hour, and you see a gap in the traffic, and all that's approaching is a cyclist at about 40 km/h with right of way ?

Pulling out just a metre or two in front of me doesn't work any better because you're in a small car. You're still a metal box that weighs almost a tonne. I still nearly ended up in your (tiny & cute!) back seat, you reckless cow. Hand your licence in with an apology that you're too stupid to drive.

Your car doesn't get any smaller and lighter becasue you take a deep inwards breath before plunging into oncoming traffic. 


In fact, this is about the acceptable level of moving metal for personal transportation which should be allowed on public roads.

And that in turn means that morning peak hour would suddenly look like this;


Looks fine to me !