Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Day 1, Term 1

Ha ! 40 degrees on day 1 back at school - eugh, sucks to be you kids. I stayed home and ate ice-cream. But for all I know schools have solar powered-aircon these days, not like my day when we was eddicated in broiling hot tin shacks and sent out to play without hats in the midday sun.

You know what else we did in my day ? We walked or rode our bikes to school. I think it took 20-30 minutes for me to get myself to school without parental oversight, not counting the days where I had to back-track because our dog had followed me and needed to be escorted back home again.

This is Unionville School in the US, in an attempt to stop the morning drop-off backing up to and blocking the main road you can see at the top edge of the screen.

The radius of the school catchment area is about 15 miles, and it's a fairly rural looking area, so there's going to be some kids who live too far to walk or bike - but surely not all of them need to be dropped off at the front door ? In individual cars ? The whole drop-off process for the school takes about an hour and requires teachers to be acting as traffic marshals - this starts at 7am, which I think more than a little unfair for teachers who already have class planning and preparation and marking cut into their personal time.

Presumably this is parents dropping kids off to school before continuing onto work, perhaps some distance away, otherwise I'm not sure why the hell they'd be that that frickin' early.

I can't see any footpaths, or bike tracks or anything that would allow any of the kids to get there safely under their own steam. I can't even see a decent number of school buses.

This two-lane snake traffic pattern was deemed a failure, but it goes further than that, the location of the school but definitely the surrounding infrastructure is a monumental planning failure. Parents as chauffeurs isn't exactly the solution.