Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

A little ray of sunshine ... maybe, let's not get too excited...

Well, Duncan Gay, Minister for Carz has been demoted from the NSW cabinet, and is set to retire from politics altogether to concentrate on his family and hopefully on doing something about those teeth. Seriously man, they look like a line of ageing tombstones - go see a bloody dentist.

Dunc's replacement in the Roads, Maritime and Freight portfolio is Melinda Pavey, she of the pink socks below.

Yep, hold onto your foam hats, the new Minister for Roads is a cyclist. Riding a 3-day charity ride over 380km last year, and I can see she's signed up already for 2017, there's no indication so far of whether she bikes to work, to get her groceries, to do the school run, but let's hope she sees value in the utility cyclist as well as the lycra lovers amongst us.

While I can't help but think this has to improve our interaction with the NSW parliament, and the Roads Minister; it's no guarantee.

Remember this clown ? Loved his road cycling, but did nothing for cycling except ...

... I think he actually made people want to punch cyclists more, rather than less.

But a welcome and congratulations to Melinda Pavey, And with the White Elephant of Westconnex going to some other poor minister, maybe Melinda stands a chance of not being universally loathed by cyclists, and motorists. Let's hope she, unlike her predecessor, realises she also represents the needs of commuting and utility cyclists.

This new cabinet with Gladys in charge should be interesting. I always thought it was a disgusting display of partisanship that led CasinoMike to take a full 18months to meet with Clover Moore, who as Mayor of NSW's largest city for 12 years, might actually have had some insights and thoughts he and we in turn, could have benefited from.

Onya Melinda !