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Harvey Stephens, child actor from The Omen and now aged 46, was today spared jail time for an horrific attack on two cyclist in a fit of nothing more then bad temper and motorist entitlement taken to the extreme.

Two cyclists were riding separately up an incline when the first cyclist, Mr Richardson started to overtake the second cyclist, Mr Manley, causing them temporarily to ride two abreast. which, by the way, is legal.

Stephens drove up behind them and began repeatedly beeping his horn and driving aggressively close behind them, Maidstone Crown Court heard today.

Prosecutor Kieran Brand said Mr Richardson continued to overtake but due to concerns for his safety, his desire for Stephens to drop back and to 'convey his annoyance', he gestured by sticking up his middle finger.

Mr Richardson then pulled in front of Mr Manley, with the cyclists continuing in single file. 

Stephens overtook them with, and then parked and leapt from his Audi (yep, that figures). He attacked both men who were still on their bikes and damaged Mr Manley's £120 cycling helmet. 

The court heard Stephens was red-faced, shouting and swearing, and knocked Mr Richardson off his bike and unconscious with a single blow to his jaw.

When Mr Manley attempted to intervene, he was then punched and pushed until he fell back onto a grass bank, still with his cycle between his legs as his feet were strapped into the pedals.

Stephens then held him down and hit him six or seven times. Mr Manley later told police Stephens was in a 'complete rage' and had 'completely lost control'.

The incident only came to a halt when another motorist got involved, and Stephens fled the scene in his car. 

A derisory £1,000 amount payable to both cyclists as well as compo for the damaged helmet - and a 12 month suspended sentence. Community service and court costs. And THIS gets released back on to the roads without even losing his license for a single day.

Offered somehow in mitigation was Stephens statement that he had "never wanted to be an actor" but was an aspiring futures trader and had previously worked in property.  Oh well, denied career goals makes GBH on two other men perfectly acceptable, doesn't it ?

Still a cowardly, evil fucker.