Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

E-bikes aren't "cheating"

And in other breaking news; water is wet.

It really astounds me that some people feel this proprietory way about bike riding to begin with. 

It's a very possessive, superior and snobbish way to regard someone else's method of transport. Geez, it's almost exactly the mind-set that bike-hating car drivers have about cyclists.

And by "almost" I mean, it IS exactly the same. It's hilarious they haven't the wit nor the introspection to work this out for themselves. 

Sure, it's cheating in a race, but in life ?  If you haven't ridden in years, if you've got a little less confidence, or arthritis or 3 kids in a cargo-bike, or you want to ride in everyday clothes and not end up a sweaty mess - an e-bike can be your smartest option.

Please - if we all stopped doing what made us happy because some tool told us it was against "The Rules" ? Would you ever leave the house ? Fuck dat.

Here's a totally relateble-to-real-people article about e-bikes published in the New Zealand magazine The Listener. 


Get out, live your life. Have fun.