Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

I'm not doing this for me

When it comes to bikes, Sprocketman is the 1%.

I am the 9%.

So who do we want safe and separated bike infrastructure for ? We're already regular riders.

We want it for YOU. We want it for the 53% of people who'd be willing to give bike commuting, bike school runs, and bike shopping and errands a go.

We want you to feel so safe that you're willing to borrow a bike maybe, and hop on this weekend. We want you to start laughing as you take off  - because inevitably everybody does laugh - and as you wobble your way down your street, gaining confidence and going faster and straighter as all the old skills come back to you, we want you to remember what a blast this is.

We want you to have fun.

We want you to think, I'll ride as far as the shop and get an ice-cream. I'll ride up on Sunday morning and get the paper and some croissants for the family. We need this one ingredient for dinner, I'll just pop out on my bike ...

We want you to look at Ride to Work Day and start thinking about how you could do that.

We want to see kids riding to school with their friends again, rather than being dropped off one-by-one in their little isolation pods that are the family car.

You're who we want this infrastructure for. I'll ride it too, and I'll more than likely ride more often as a result. But if this is what it takes to get our society feeling safe and being more active, I am ALL for it.

Since the opening of the bike superhighways in London, cycling in that city has increased phenomenally. In some areas cyclist make up to 70% of daily traffic. That's a lot of people out of their cars and taxis freeing up more seats on public transport, getting healthy and starting their day with a grin.

Any reason to think Sydney wouldn't be the same ?