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Fuck it, ride anyway

Oh, I'm not done just yet

It is completely fitting that I heave myself from my untimely deathbed ...

if only to dance in the street to celebrate the election result which returns Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore to office.

Despite the political machinations of the NSW Liberal  and Labor Parties, who are rapidly devolving into an unhinged collective of spiteful, conservative middle-aged white men, they haven't been able to shut down Clover, a political Independent, pro-bike, pro-public transport, who likes a bold red lip, wearing leather, and who turns 71 next month and who will resume office for a record 4th term, 16 years as Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Deadset legend.

Urban Legend Clover Moore, with one of her original election posters from the Eighties

Urban Legend Clover Moore, with one of her original election posters from the Eighties

We all know the filthy history of first the Labor Party and then the Liberal party who gerrymandered Sydney's electoral system in order to control the prize plum that is the Sydney mayoralty.

We know Clover first won a traditional Liberal seat in the state election and then while still a Member of Parliament, went on to contest and win the Mayoral election away from a strong Labour contender; thereby pissing off both major parties, who have been out to get her ever since.

We know that in 2012, as revenge for forcing the resignation of corrupt Premier Nick Greiner, the Libs under Barry O'Farrell passed legislation forcing her to resign her MP role and focus solely on the Mayor position, O'Farrell himself subsequently resigning in disgrace after a corruption enquiry.

And we know the the right-wing nut jobs of the NSW Shooters and Fishers Party (lead by 8-time elephant killer Robert Borsak), in exchange for some as yet unknown dirty back-room favour, joined with the NSW Libs to pass a Bill which gave every business in Sydney the right to vote, not once but twice. Each resident gets but one vote, but each business-owner, rate-paying lessee or occupier gets two. 

The bill also required the City of Sydney itself – rather than the state electoral commission – to compile a register of every business, to demand every corporation nominate two people to vote on its behalf, to automatically enrol them, and to ensure that they vote.

It's estimated this process cost the city of Sydney $12,000,000 to implement.

That's $12,000,000 of tax payer money that bigot Mike Baird and his filthy mouth-breathing accomplices have forced our city to piss away on a frivolous attempt to kick Clover out of the Mayor's seat, and to drop in their own Liberal Party stooge. Because of course while inner-city lefties would still vote for Clover, the bidness community would vote for a major party.

And what a candidate the Libs had - the sister of the former onion-eating prime Minister of Australia, professed bike-lane hating, conservative Liberal Christine Forster. 

Who I am delighted to report, got her arse handed to her on a plate with less than 10,000 votes while Clover was returned with an increased majority.

The only thing we don't know in all of this history, is what Clover would have been able to accomplish without being cock-blocked by the NSW State Government for the past 12 years.

We'd have an integrated bike track system crossing the city from west to east, from south to north, because Clover's had the plans for that drawn up for the past 10 years. 

We'd have a bike share system.

We'd have so much, but this is a bike blog, so I won't talk about the nightlife or the arts, or the improved public transport, affordable housing or environmentally sound developments; we'd have so much more right now if the State Government boys prodded by certain big-nosed shock-jocks and the Ruprecht Murdoch owned press, hadn't chucked a massive 12-year-long tantrum and stopped the rest of us getting on with developing a world-class capital city.

Now, this election result is being described as a backlash against Mike Baird, the current NSW Premier.

Maybe it's more than that. Maybe it's an indication that the rest of us are sick of our sub-standard major parties; that we're sick of favours and shady deals; of politicians entitlements and corruption; that we actually want improvements in our cities and suburbs.

Mike Baird ? Rob Borsak ? Go Fuck Yourselves.

Get out of the way.