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Fuck it, ride anyway

Grrr. WORDS.

Hey, remember all the good news coming out of the Middle East about women on bikes?

Well, hold on to your hijabs ladies, because those with the most to lose from any disruption to the status quo have struck back;

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) an Iranian human rights group has reported the arrest of a group of women cyclists in Kurdistan on Tuesday. 

Iranian security forces stopped and arrested the women for breaking a newly enacted law prohibiting women from riding bikes in public. The women had been planning on riding from Stadium Square in Marivan, out to Zaribar Lake.

Beautiful isn't it ? Marivan, in north Kurdistan.

Beautiful isn't it ? Marivan, in north Kurdistan.

Presumably riding a bike around your own lounge room is still ok with these guys. But only with a note from your Dad.

I Google Mapped this, which has probably got me on a security forces watch list of my own, but dang it, there's such a thing as journalistic integrity and freedom of the press. I'm sure this applies equally to people in their PJs writing bike blogs.

Marivan is utterly beautiful, and the home of the Iranian mountain bike championships.

FOR MEN ONLY needless to say.

A very brave spokeswoman for the NCRI had this to say "Suppression of women has been a tenet of the mullahs' regime from its outset. This latest restrictive measure shows that misogyny is being stepped up under Hassan Rouhani's administration."

She added: "With each passing day the mullahs' regime is further infringing on the basic rights of women which they had fought hard to obtain."

The women have been released after signing an agreement that they would never ride a bike in public again.

Seriously, this self-imposed entitlement of the conservatives of any religion to interfere in what other people do with their own bodies has got to stop.

All it takes for your rights to be taken away, is assuming your rights will always be there...