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Come Back All I Said ...

Right, so last week I wrote a little piece about how 'meh' I found the whole Chris Froome thing; but in the days following that, I actually saw more Froome interviews than i had seen over the past year combined. And I learned a thing or two.

And you know what ? He actually comes across as a really sweet guy. His interviews are thoughtful, he is a bit self-deprecating, but not unbearably so. And he has the loveliest most genuine smile.

Now that I've publicly said this, he'll turn out to be the modern day equivalent of Ghengis Khan on a bike, and we'll hear stores about him whipping his domestique and soigneurs with knotted inner tubes, but for now I'm taking back all the things I said about him.

And remember how i called him Captain Boring ?

Since then he has;

  • Punched an annoying spectator;
  • Stolen a stage win by cycling downhill in excess of 90km per hour (faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark);
  • Had his bike run over by a race moto and then had damaged bike stolen by the crowd, forcing him to run up the race course until given a neutral service bike;
  • Made a Dad-joke about himself and Pokemon Go;
  • Won the entire Tour de France, joining only three other people in history who have won three or more Tours;
  • AND the very next day, he flew to Belgium and entered in the Criterium Alast, where he won and got to wear a pirate hat while drinking a beer bigger then he is.

When it comes to Life; Froome is Doing It Right.

My Christ, do I know how to motivate people or what ?