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The Giro Rosa - The Women's Tour of Italy

It's quite frustrating that they choose to hold this important women's race during the men's Tour de France; so finding race viewing of the Giro Rosa is harder than it should be for the only Women's "Grand Tour". It doesn't help that the publicity push from race management is lacklustre, it's almost like they don't actually care. There are all sorts of online tools and apps for tracking the men's race; for the women's, nah.

But winner Megan Guarnier (Boels-Dolmans), knows what's expected. Still trotting out the decorative podium girls I see.


Prize money of the Giro Rosa is barely enough to pay for a rider's flights to Italy; the 17,600 Euro prize pool for the entire women's race compared to the 1.3million Euro prize pool for the men is insulting. The overall winner of the mens race took home 200,000 Euro, vs the 535 Euro awarded to the overall women's race winner.

So they pay nothing, they don't promote it, they actively work against it's success by scheduling it against THE biggest road race in the world. There are other womens races which do it so much better, it's a real shame how the Giro Rosa is mis-managed.

Asian and French time trial champions Mayuko Hagiwara and Audrey Cordon.

Most women pro-cyclists have at least one day job to fund their training. 

So it's especially wonderful when entitled knobs like Peter Kennaugh, who's had more than his fair share of his cycling aspirations paid for by (taxpayer funded) British Cycling begrudges anyone else having a share of the loot.

Emma Pooley quite rightly pointed out that she finished second in la Giro Rosa, a far better result than any of the men, and yet no one was throwing bags of money her way to ensure a British winner, the way they were with the men's team.


Must be nice getting all the attention, all the support and all the funding every time, without question.

#PedalParity in our lifetimes eh ?