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Captain Boring

A bit of reading of t'internet shows it's not an original thought, but I don’t find Chris Froome very interesting. Yep, he’s won a shed-load of important races. His efforts are impressive, he’s surpassed Sir Bradley Wiggins, another take-or-leave him UK rider for me.

Maybe it’s the residual taint of coming out of the Sky-train team, who as far as I'm concerned just booooored their way to victory in le Tour.

There's also that distasteful thing re two degrees of Rupert Murdoch, blech.

I had heard along the way that Froomey’s temper tantrums and bullying within his own team are also impressive, but of course no-one has gone on the record yet to confirm this. This reminds me of the rumoured behaviour of sociopath he-who-shall-not-be-named, but rhymes with Pants Harmstrong, long before it was publically confirmed.

It's not fair, but Froomey suffers from being the first winner after Pants Harmstrong's confession; everything he does is scrutinised in the light of revelations from that interview.  Maybe he's not a secret bad-tempered git, but we've all lost our residual pro-cycling innocence and trust.


And yet, I still can’t muster any interest in him. To me he’s like a Midwich Cuckoo. Sort of interchangeable, a charisma-free zone. Meh. Other people write about his irritating uber-humbleness, and I know what they are getting at.

Chris Froome at the Sky training camp

Chris Froome at the Sky training camp

However much I don't care for him, the poor bugger is treated appallingly in France, last year spectators threw bottles of urine at him along the Tour.  Yep, someone planned that far ahead to register their disapproval. What's wrong with being a Twitter troll ? Peasants. But seriously - who does this ?

This year, Froome has had enough, and on the final climb of the day, a Columbian spectator who was running alongside his handlebars copped it;

And about time. Go Froome !  These "fans" are massive pain in the arse. They sit on the mountain side all day waiting for the peloton, they dress in Borat Mankinis; they drink all day and they think it's hilarious to bare their bums at the riders and the cameras. They are morons.

And you could ignore them, let them do their do, except they insist on running with the riders; uphill they can match the peloton speed, and they jostle riders, they touch them, illegally push them, offer drunken encouragement shouted in their ears, set off flares so the riders can't breathe; yeah, they're *fans* of the sport alright.  

Oh jesus, my eyes ...

Oh jesus, my eyes ...

How about "A Metre Matters" in le Tour ?

This particular supporter with entitlement issues had a flag he was waving around, which draped over Froome's handlebars and could have got tangled in the spokes; which could have lead to a crash, broken bones, a lost title, loss of earnings. These stupid acts have massive ramifications to riders, while a fan gets to walk away without consequence.

So I was delighted that Froome shoved or punched this halfwit. When I finally go watch le Tour, I'll be whacking them with a tennis racquet should they come within reach of my deckchair. Ahh, good times. 

Froome then raced through the final descent with his trademark weird top-tube positioning; I couldn't do it, I get vicarious anxiety watching them, but it's a brave move and he won the stage. And I was genuinely pleased for him. And pleased he'd pushed back against what is nothing less than appallingly bullying behaviour from certain spectators.

And then overnight le Tour organisers fined Froomey 200 Swiss francs. Really ? That's very disappointing of the race organisers, and I for one thought far far better of Christian Prudhomme. He's always been a considerate and kind public figure, and yeah I've fan-girled over him a little bit, but sheesh, his halo has slipped a little in my eyes.

What about le Tour's  responsibility to ensure Froome's safety ? They hardly fulfilled their part of the contract. They post guards along those sections, what were they doing ?

But then Froome apologised.

Oh PLEASE. He's in a country where the fans hate him and throw (presumably) their own urine at him, and he apologises for shoving back ?

Does he have no self respect ?  Stop being so fucking pleasant Froome, and make a stand.

Bah,  I wash my hands of him, and his sticky French urine.