Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Pining for the Fjords ...

There are still a couple of things I am annoyed with Norway about, mainly their continued murder of whales in the face of updated facts and changing times and opinions;  but I've got to say I'm liking what they've done here.

These are the designs for the latest government building in Oslo; and you're not seeing things, the idea is that you cycle into the building straight off the street, continue to the secure bike parking facility within the building where the bikes are displayed like artworks, and then pop up in the lifts to your office.

The Entra building will have parking spots for 500 bicycles, along with bike repair stations, a place to wash bikes, and a shower and a place to change. There will be 10 charging stations for electric cars, but no room for conventional cars at all.

There are several trends pointing in that direction. The political leadership in Oslo is crystal clear on [its] large ambitions for increased use of bicycles. Employees are making commuting their daily workout through cycling.
— Anders Solaas, Executive VP Entra

Now, hands off the cetaceans, and we can resume friendly diplomatic relations.