Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Hypocrisy, thy name is @NSWPolice

I have had a number of bike-related interactions with the Po-Po this year, and without fail they've been helpful, amusing where the situation allowed it, and just generally nice people. I've been annoyed that #GetStuffedDunc has used them as Flying Monkeys to harass cyclists, but I have to say my personal interactions with the thin Blue line have been lovely, ranging through to awesome.

Walking down busy Pitt Street on late-night shopping night, Sprocketman and I smiled at a passing policeman walking his police bicycle down the very congested footpath.

Several steps on we had to compact ourselves rather uncomfortably to allow the passing of another NSW Police cyclist, riding his bike down the aforementioned congested footpath on the busiest pedestrian night of the week.

Unfortunately I was too gobsmacked to take a photo , but I did have the presence of mind to shout back over my shoulder “Get off the footpath!” Mind you, I had to stop Sprocketman from chasing him down to  confront him face to face. #Facepalm.

If it’s not legal for NSW civilians to do it, then you can get the fuck off the footpath as well.

Bloody collaborator.