Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

It's International Day of the Bicycle !

It’s a wonderful time of year

As evidenced by the cranky tone of my writing last week, it felt like everything was broken. Eugh.

Utterly stupid results of transport surveys were being published, our government was being particularly inept, the Panama papers scandal reinforced how corrupt the world is and how much of the day to day struggles of the average person would be unnecessary if only rich people/corporations would pay even a decent amount of tax; work was totally screwed up late Friday night, and at the risk of getting in trouble at home, even Sprocketman was being more of an albatross around my neck, instead of the wind beneath my wings. Or whatever.

And all of this rich melange of dissatisfaction was exacerbated by my inability to ride my bike last week, due to evening meetings and forecast storms, none of which actually eventuated.

But, as I am partly of English descent, mustn’t grumble! 

More tea ?

More tea ?

It is actually the loveliest time of year to be riding; mornings are cool but not yet cold enough for a jacket or even arm-warmers; it’s school holidays so the roads are really quite deserted by Sydney standards. Motorists are less impatient and in more of a sharing mood, except for a small red Honda BNE 31Y, driven by a horn-happy old bat.

Sunrise is just before 6.30am, same time as I leave the house, so that’s perfect, and if I had to have a quibble it might be that the last hour of my journey home is in pitch black; but even that is secretly kind of cool, I mean look at this shared bike/walking track, nowhere near the main roads.

An hour riding through this after work gives you a mental clarity and peacefulness you’d otherwise have to pay some dirty hippy to achieve through other means.

I mean, your lizard brain is also on the lookout for potential serial killers jumping out of the bushes, but overall, it’s a win.

So if you were thinking about cycling to work, or just cycling more in general, give it a go now, it’s an absolutely cracking time of year to be out on your bike.

Cycleaway.com.au; Murray to the Mountains cycle tour.

Cycleaway.com.au; Murray to the Mountains cycle tour.

Quokka; because not everything in Australia is trying to kill you.

Quokka; because not everything in Australia is trying to kill you.