Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

I’ve never felt so loved...

As this morning, riding in on Day 1 of the new mandatory 1 Metre Passing regime.

Commute no9? More like Love Potion no9.

Hah! See What I did there? That’s right, I used italics.

But just the one metre? Pah, they were giving me a comfortable two meters all the way, and slowing down to do so. I may have imagined it, but I thought I saw several drivers doffing their hats to me as well.

Motorists were just so considerate, dare I say it was just like riding in a normal society would be. It was just so bloody nice to be on the roads this morning.

Cyclists and motorists; together, they're a beautiful thing.

Cyclists and motorists; together, they're a beautiful thing.

Yeah, there were still a couple of motorists who weren’t watching how close they actually were, but I’ll give them a pass because we were all going fairly slowly at those particular points and so I didn’t feel in danger from it.

Which leaves just the one fool in a black ute [BDQ 98M], who cruised along behind me along the mean streets of Lindfield, but decided to overtake me on the only corner for several kilometres, and came within an easy half meter of me doing so. If I’d had a pen I could have scribbled “impatient dickhead” down the side of his vehicle. Although I would have had to have a selection of day-glo coloured pens, in order for my epitaph to be seen on his inky black paintwork, no doubt selected to match his inky dark soul.

So we’ve just fixed that problem, only to encounter a new one.  From one of my rider group;

“At 5pm this afternoon whilst waiting for the Town Hall traffic lights to go green I felt my wallet & phone (in their protective plastic bag) slide out of my rear pocket.

I reached around quickly and caught the tail end of it with a male pedestrian holding onto the other end.

Reasonably well dressed, beanie, shorts, stubble, natural tan, & looked bloody fast.

We stared deeply into each other's eyes sizing each other up and he asked if I could spare him a dollar.

I politely refused - snatched it back and rode off.”

Now, I don’t know that anyone wearing a beanie constitutes “well-dressed” in my books, but that’s by-the-by.

This is just another reason cyclists shouldn’t have to stop at red lights. Wait till you all figure out it’s impossible for us to chase you down wearing those stupid cycling shoes.


And check out this guy, using chopsticks to pickpocket a cyclist in China.

Wow. Our pickpockets really need to lift their game …