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Fuck it, ride anyway

So it's come to this ...

Shocked witnesses could not believe their eyes as they watched a NSW motorcycle police officer deliberately knock his motorcycle into a bike rider in Sydney yesterday.

Credible accounts detail the police officer pulling alongside the bike rider, then swerving his machine into the bicycle.
Fortunately the rider was able to get a foot down and prevented a painful fall to the ground.

Riiight, a nudge from this should be fine, what are you complaining about Hippy ?

Riiight, a nudge from this should be fine, what are you complaining about Hippy ?

A Sydney businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he was walking along King Street when he heard the burst of a police siren.
He noticed a police motorcycle ride along the footpath following a bike rider, also on the footpath.

King Street is one way for traffic, without a contra-flow bike lane, resulting in some riders using the footpath.

“The rider had headphones on and could not hear the police bike behind him,” the eye-witness said. "The policeman then rode up alongside and knocked his motorcycle into the bicycle.
“Luckily the guy on the bike was able to get a foot down and save him from a tumble.”

The witness said he was shocked at what he observed. 

“I thought this was an unusual move to attract attention and stop a cyclist, and as he wasn’t wearing a helmet—which he should—it could have resulted in a nasty fall for the cyclist.”

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards said the account of the new incident was alarming.

“… We have received a troubling number of reports from riders outlining unpleasant encounters with NSW motorcycle police.
“I hope this does not indicate that there is a wider cultural problem with NSW police, perhaps an underlying antagonism towards people on bikes.
“I think we can be pretty sure that Police are not out in the streets bashing their motorcycles into cars in order to get them to stop.
"Bike riders in NSW should have an expectation that they will be treated fairly and with respect by police, and on the same basis as every other road user."

Known as a "King Street Airbag"

Known as a "King Street Airbag"

Where's the NSW Police statement and internal investigation ?