Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Thank god you were here to save us ...

Aaaand it's a big shout out to the local Highway Patrol car who was there yesterday to pull over the motorists on their phones, the cars who drive less than a metre away from cyclists, the semi-trailer who deliberately tail-gated and boxed us in, the speeding drivers ...

Oh hang on, no, they pulled us over. 

Duncan Gay's latest directive; if you can't get them on their bikes, get them when they've got their bikes on racks on the the back of the car.

Still counts as a coup in the war on NSW cyclists.

We were driving our test bikes back to Jake, and because we'd decided to run a million errands in different directions on the way back we took the car. Big mistake. Apparently.

We have a good bike rack and had hooked it up properly to the car lights, and because the bikes obscure the licence plate, we had an enlarged and non-reflective laminated high-def copy of the plate on the bike rack.

I can't think why we caught their eye ...

I can't think why we caught their eye ...

Now, we've driven past a zillion people with handwritten licence plates over the years, in varying degrees of legibility or durability, so we thought we'd done a good job. But noooo !

At some stage in the last few years, whatever the RTA is calling itself these days introduced legislation requiring official auxiliary licence plates (which laughably, are smaller than the real ones and only $2 dollar cheaper). 

I was all, are youse for real ?

I was all, are youse for real ?

Seems legit.

We clearly didn't know, we'd made an excellent effort to have legible plates, but would you let us off with a warning so we could go order the real thing and continue our mostly law-abiding lives ? 

Noooooo way. $400 fine and 3 demerit points in the mail. Merry Christmas !

Given our usual spontaneous lifestyles they were lucky were weren't in our pyjamas again, I'm sure that's illegal now too. Bloody NSW nanny-state.

Just ordered it, 21 business days until it's ready. Perfect for that spontaneous trip with a coupla bikes over the holidays ...

Carry on saving society from people who haven't done the right paperwork, officers ...