Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Infrastructure can be beautiful

Linking Christchurch International Airport with Christchurch city is this 100 metre pedestrian and cycle bypass.

Crossing under State Highway One, the bypass feature design elements based on New Zealand's distinctive geography, the Canterbury Plains, the West Coat and the magnificent Southern Alps.

Sure, they could have just bunged in a large plain concrete tunnel and let local disaffected youff graffiti it; 

Or just done what Sydney would have done, which is divert the funds from the cycling infrastructure budget, use these to build some bullshit facility for international sports fans, and tell the local pedetrsians and cyclists to catch the exceedingly expensive airport train link, active travel be buggered.

But I like that NZ has not only kept its active transport promises, but has done so in a spectacular and beautiful fashion.

Go you Kiwis.

Senior landscape architect Mike Thomas said the underpass was built to be visually striking, and was an exemplary promotion of cycling and walking in the city, and easily matching similar links in Auckland or Wellington.

At Jasmax, most of us cycle to work. It is philosophically important to us to elevate cycling in Christchurch to a level in public perception above a shared lane on the side of the road. Cycling is a brilliant sustainable form of transport.

There are the inevitable snivels from motorists that the funds shouldn't have been spent on cycling infra; but with the UN declaring that in order to reach agreed 20% of transport funding should be directed towards cycling and walking, get used to it. Money, long overdue in most cases, is going into bike infra.