Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

My Chemical Romance

So liking bikes in the abstract, I met a guy who was (and still is) a keen road cyclist. And a cycling fan.

Things happened quickly, within 5 months we were engaged, bought a house and moved in together.  I left my beloved inner-city hobbit house, and moved to the leafy North Shore.

It's a beautiful part of Sydney, and Sprocketman does a lot of training rides through the national parks in the area, and up towards the central coast - in the dopamine rush of our new relationship Sprocketman encourages me to come along on his rides !

I enthusiastically agree ! Madness !

The SO is a pretty decent bike mechanic, and has a spare parts collection which enables him to build me a lovely road bike - perfect for my size. We even took the frame along to a car detailer and had it sprayed a pearlescent white - and with the pale green handlebar tape and brackets for lights it was very pretty. The seat was unfortunately a product of the "shrink it and pink it" ideology, but good enough for a start. I didn't even mind the lycra riding kit he bought me as a surprise present (Full length, bright blue, for the Aussie's reading this, I looked like the iconic AGL ad from the 80s). How thoughtful he was, I said to myself. What a sweetheart. 

I hopped on for a test ride - and I didn't love it.  I went for longer rides, and I started to really dislike it. Fuck. All that anticipation, and Sprocketman's hard work. I felt ungrateful, and a bit confused. Why wasn't I having fun ?

This is not what the majority of our rides looked like.

This is not what the majority of our rides looked like.

The SO didn't understand and pushed me to ride further and more aggressively on our long rides. And I still wasn't enjoying myself.

Riding sucked.