Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Systems Are Go !

Just checked over my bike for my second ever commute to work tomorrow morning ! 

Weather has been torrential the past few days (cheers to the deluge that came through our roof, through a light fitting (!!)  and all over my study. I am writing this amongst stacks of drying books and artwork ) so I thought I'd miss starting to commute out this week but the forecast is for clear days all this week - and if you wait for everything to be perfect in life, you'll wait a long time.

I'm meeting the rest of the BUG at Gordon, which is 6 or 7 km away via the utterly hated Pacific Highway. There is a cunning back route, which i haven't tried as yet and my memory won't retain the directions until I've ridden it a few times. It'd be ok if i wasn't on a schedule to meet them for a prompt 6.45 depart. So direct route it is.

New lights are charged and can be seen from outer space; tyres are pumped, rider is pumped. Rider's fiancé is again joining me until the meeting point, and then he'll peel off and do a 3 or 4 hours up and down some mountains.

Right on

Right on

Nerves are waaaaaaay in control; nothing like last time's jitters and fears.

Just need to pack an outfit for work, and toddle off to bed for an early night.