Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

Why We Do What We Do

The other day we cycled to the Wahroonga Food Fair. We followed the "dress for your destination" * ethos so as not to scare any small children, I wore a groovy t-shirt, birkenstocks and a golf skort to cycle in; Sprocketman his new favourite birthday t-shirt. And pants, naturally.


With an organic beer and a spinach and cheese crepe, and his beloved Bluebell by his side (that's the bike, not me) Sprocketman patted his tummy contentedly and said "Y'know, i really feel like I'm in ..."  

... wait for it  


Really, Belgium ? That's quite specific. i would have understood Europe generally for its far more accepting stance of a life on two wheels;  maybe even France because we have in the past  talked about having a cycling holiday there, but Belgium ?  Must have been something about the beer. 

Having swapped my helmet for a big ole sunhat, I felt very event appropriate. Skort is french for 'style' y'know.


* Part of the "de-lycrafication of cycling" movement, encouraging regular people to hop on a bike in their regular clothes, and get to their destination without fuss or special gear. Making a bike a logical option when travelling. Popping up to the shop ? Meeting friends for lunch ? Wouldn't it be more fun to take the bike than the car ?