Scared of traffic ? No bike infrastructure ? Too Far ? Helmet hair ?


Fuck it, ride anyway

A Brand New Blog

I'm about to push myself to achieve a long held goal; to use my bike for more than just pootling along to the shops; and start commuting the ~30 kilometres (18+ miles) each way to work.

I nearly started in 2014 on the annual Ride to Work Day - it utterly bucketed down overnight and that morning I strategically reassessed my options/chickened out.

Brand new rider + busy Sydney highway + rain = disaster in the making. I was massively disappointed and hugely relieved at the same time.

Riding on busy main roads with my other half is for me at least a fairly traumatic event, so last week when I read about a local Bicycle User Group (BUG) who were offering to guide new riders into the city on Ride to Work Day 2015, I jumped on that idea as my solution.

With 2 or 3 days to go, I have checked my bike, checked the route maps, checked my helmet, checked my bike, checked the route maps somewhat more obsessively and checked the time as I lie awake every night beforehand from sheer nervousness.

My big fear is crashing and dying, being crashed into and dying, touching the wheels of a fellow cyclist and bringing them and an entire passing peloton down, probably into the path of a large truck. And them all dying, or worse, shouting at me.

I don't have a drivers licence, so perhaps I have a skewed view of Sydney roads, but on the other hand perhaps I don't because everything I read proclaims Sydney roads and motorists to be the least cycle-friendly in the world.

Awesome ! Let's do this !

So I plan to write about my personal journey to become a cycling commuter, along with some other related topics which I think are interesting enough to share. If anything I write helps just one other person gain the confidence to try it too, well then that's a lot of effort for not much result isn't it ?

Nah ! j/k !